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Many households heat their homes using methods such as running electric fan heaters, oil burning radiators and portable versions of gas fires, however doing this could be a lot more expensive than installing and running gas central heating systems.  Gas central heating systems are very energy efficient, allows every room in the house to receive heat evenly and provides an easy hassle free method of heating your home.  Gas central heating systems are very efficient in how they work due to a thermostat system that will only burn fuel when the house temperature drops below a programmed level.  This means less fuel burned and therefore lower bills.  Even though installing one is quite expensive, it is a worthwhile investment due to the amount of money you will save over the years. 


Does your current heating furnace produce enough heat and hot air? If not, then your unit may need heating repair or duct installation. Mackey Heating and Air Conditioning is the preferred award winning HVAC Company that has been serving the Greater Los Angeles for nearly 20 years. Our reputation precedes us and we invite you to check out our Yelp Reviews. Our certified technicians work in a timely manner and will get the job done quickly and efficiently.


Signs that you need heater repairs

  • Discolored pilot light

  • Emitting cold air

  • Increased utility bills

  • Strange noises and odors


Our team takes punctuality serious and we will fix it right the very first time. We are courteous, trustworthy and ensure that our solutions have lasting impact on your residence or commercial space.


Call Now for trustworthy and knowledgeable Heating Repair Service!
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