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The Air Handler 

Your climate control system in your home has several components. Like an air conditioner, the furnace generates heat in a forced air climate system, the air handler distributes even air to all air registers or sections of your home. The Air Handler or Air Handling Unit is a device that regulates and circulates air as part of heating, ventilating and air conditioning system.


The Air handler is one of the critical components of your climate control system and this is how it works: When the air conditioner is on, the heat within the air is absorbed by the cooling coil why simultaneously removes vapor and humidity in the air. The air is now cooler and drier as it exits and moves through the ductwork and throughout your home. And the opposite, when the heater is on, the air is pumped through your air handler absorbs the heat from the coil, warming it before it is released throughout your home.

air handler

Air Handler Preventive Maintenance

Unlike air conditioning repair, Air Handlers can give off distasteful odors in your home or parts of your home which can be due to build-up on the coils. Our technicians will walk all customers through the standard checklist below.

  • Disassemble air handler unit – The technician will make sure the A/C unit is turned off outside and at the electrical panel of the unit. All coolant in the refrigerant lines will be retracted to avoid spillage. Then we will remove condensation drain, fan system and then the air handler unit

  • Clean air handler – cleaning the air handler involves a vacuum, using a antibacterial/antimicrobial solution and washing the coils

  • Rebuild air handler – with new insulated duct board will be cut to size, secured with aluminum tape and a plastic rib.  Each seam is further sealed with mastic adhesive cement. Our technician will replace or reattach the fan system, refrigerant lines and the condensation drain.

  • Give the finishing touches – Your filter is changed at least once a year

Air Handler Repair

Keeping the Air Handler in good repair condition is paramount for your heating system to be in good working order. Mackey Heating and Air Conditioning can clean and replace the filter in your air handler to improve indoor air quality and reduce resistance to airflow.  This simple task reduces stress on the fan and better energy efficiency. We make it easy for you by offering pre-booked appointments for your convenience and to save time. Our service technicians have experience of working on most types of air handlers and we carry spare parts to save you time and money. Many of our customer calls are fixed on the same day.

air handler
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