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Living in Southern California your air conditioning needs may vary a lot depending on where you live.  Mackey Heating & Air Conditioning services a wide area in southern California from the foggy beaches of Malibu to the scorching foothills of the San Fernando Valley! 


Depending on your climate your air conditioning repair requirements change.  Improper design of your system will not only keep you from being comfortable but it will impact the life and efficiency of your system.  Mackey Heating & Air Conditioning specializes in the design and installation of heating and air conditioning systems in any application or any environment weather it’s residential or commercial.


Mackey Heating and Air Conditioning is a an award winning air conditioning repair firm that originated in the San Gabriel Valley and has expanded our operations to the greater Los Angeles Area including Simi Valley and the San Fernando Valley. Commercial businesses and residential home owners trust us with high quality air conditioner repair because we are:


  • Dependable – We nearly 20 years’ experience in the Los Angeles area and have earned affiliation with industry groups. You can be confident that we know how to keep area residents comfortable all year.

  • Award-winning – Our team has received local recognition for exceptional service and very high ratings from customers

  • Technical expertise- Mackey Heating & Air Conditioning technicians can repair any brand of equipment because of our ongoing training. We are licensed and insured.


At Mackey Heating and Air Conditioning, we do not take a trial and error approach to air conditioner repair with hopes of tweaking this or that as an approach to problem solving. We take the time to professionally troubleshoot the unit. Sometimes it can be a low coolant or a broken part; or in other cases it can be something more serious problem like a leaky air ducts or an undersized or oversized unit in which duct installation maybe required.

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