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Heating FAQs

Mackey Heating and Air can handle any of your frequently asked furnace questions. Homeowners may have to make one of the hardest decisions during the home ownership: when is it time to replace a furnace or heater. We will help you navigate variable speed heating, single stage, two stage, modulating gas valves and AFUE ratings. Let us help you understand what these terms mean and why they are important.


What is Furnace Efficiency Rating AFUE?

Today’s modern furnaces and boilers are measured by annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE). The AFUE is on a scale 0-100 with modern furnaces have AFUE scores of 80 or above. 80 AFUE rated furnaces means for every dollar you spend to heat your home 80 cents is returned in heat and 20 cents is lost. Leaking ducts or non-insulated ductwork running through a cold attic will increase the lost. The best modern furnaces possess a 98% AFUE rating with each dollar spent brings 98 cents back in heat to your home.


What is a single speed furnace?

This is the least expensive furnace and least technical. These units use the same size flame to produce heat regardless of temperature outside or inside. This furnace is cheaper to buy but more expensive to operate with an increase in monthly bills.


Two Stage Furnaces?

Furnaces usually have two stages of heat, a smaller size flame for cool days and a larger flame for colder days. This allows the furnace to stay on longer while burning less gas. These furnaces cost more initially but will save you more on monthly energy bills.

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